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Wise Pharmaceuticals Ltd. has evolved into a pharmaceutical marketing company, which focuses on developing and marketing brand and generic pharmaceutical products covering several therapeutic classes.

We have a comprehensive range of Galanical pharmaceutical products and generic drugs in all major therapeutic classes, in a variety of dosage forms, from tablets and capsules, to ointments, creams and liquids.

With another thirty-eight licences at our disposal, and with multiple international suppliers and manufacturers, the Company is poised to grow as a major health care products marketing organisation.

We believe that our product diversity will continue to be of significance, for the needs of an emerging generic industry that is affected by trends of consolidation among care providers, large pharmacy chains, wholesalers and other buyer groups.

Wise Pharmaceuticals Ltd is an established marketing company. The Directors and Owners of the Company have been in the pharmaceutical business for the last twenty years; the Company is run by highly-educated and experienced people.

The Chief Executive is a qualified Pharmacist and has vast experience in technical, marketing and regulatory matters.

Our success is the result of a methodical approach, and of forward planning by the Chief Executive of the Company.

Although our pharmaceutical business goes back twenty years, Wise Pharmaceuticals Ltd was established in 2001 with the following objectives:

1. To develop, acquire and market pharmaceutical products in all therapeutic classes.

2. To prepare and develop a skilled Sales and Marketing team to sell and market the products.

Having achieved our initial objectives during the first phase of development, we are now looking to expand our product range to enter a new phase of development.

Company Profile
Wise Pharmaceuticals Ltd is a Manchester-based Marketing company with warehousing facilities at:
Unit 7,
Hani Wells Business Park,
Manchester, M19 2RB

Well-equipped and efficient distribution facilities guarantee the efficient and cost-effective distribution of products. Wise Pharmaceuticals Ltd supplies its products through all national distributors in the UK.

Market Strength
Understanding of the marketplace, creativity and service are the company's main commitments and strengths.
We have a team of dedicated people who frequently visit customers, large or small, to undertake regular product familiarisation.

Pricing is a crucial decision in marketing management. As the product sells at that pre-defined price, the decision has to be right first time.

Generic pharmaceuticals are highly competitive; therefore our aim is always to capture a share in the market as quickly as possible. In a highly-competitive market a competitive sale price is extremely important.

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